Blow Dry with a Haircut – Don’t Leave Without It!

It’s true that there are a lot of things that need to be considered when clients come into the salon seeking a new haircut or style. And while the cutting of the hair itself might feel like the main event, there are a lot of considerations needed to make sure you get the best cut for you.

To better understand why a blow dry is so important, it’s important to understand the timeline of a haircut appointment. Before the haircut itself, I perform a client consultation. During client consultations we decide which haircut we are going to do, I carefully survey the client’s hair and evaluate whether this haircut will work for their lifestyle, cooperate with their hair texture, and if there are any growth patterns that may influence the haircut. I also think about the type of shampoo and conditioner I will use, and what products I will recommend so the client can maintain their new look.

Then, after the consultation, we are ready to begin the haircut.


First, I have to wet, clean and condition the hair. I usually cut wet hair because it is easier to control and get a more precise cut. It is also better for the hair – and the scissors – to cut it while wet. Next, the cutting cape goes on the client, and we are really ready to begin sculpting the new haircut. 

Then, finally, after the haircut comes the blow dry. I’ve had some clients say, “I’m not going anywhere after my cut, so I don’t need a blow dry.” But that’s not true! While getting your blow dry may seem like an unnecessary step that just adds time to your appointment, it’s actually a very important part of the haircut process.

Having a haircut without a blow dry is like driving a car in the dark without headlights – you’re not seeing as much as you need to see. During a blow dry, it becomes obvious where the hair needs to be cleaned up after a cut and where the growth patterns of the hair could potentially distort the shape down the road. Evaluating the hair and making these changes is called customizing the cut – something that can only be done after a proper blow dry. By identifying and correcting the challenges you will have styling your hair at home, we turn a decent haircut into a great haircut. So don’t forget, getting a blow dry after a haircut is a great way to get your best look and should not be missed!

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