Hair Color

Hair Color

Hair color is a wonderful way to create a look with in a cut and style. Color can make a hair cut look classic or ultra trendy and modern just with certain application techniques and color choices. Care must be taken when applying any color, it wont directly cause hair loss but it can damage the strands which is why we use the most high performance products available.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergies and sensitivities to hair color can be as subtle as a headache to itching and redness. We take care in our formulations to minimize all reaction by choosing our color lines prescriptively.

Organic Hair Color

We offer several lines of organic hair color including the only professional hair color that meets all criteria to have organic in the name. ECOCERT certified (European version of USDA),

Conventional Hair color

Our conventional hair colors are high performance in both ammonia and ammonia free versions. The shine and depth is unmatched.


From a simple retouch to bailage to air lights to baby lights. We love the latest techniques in hair coloring.