Beautiful Hair

At Cindy French, our expert stylists are committed to helping you find the right cut, color, and style for you.

Hair Services

You may have an exact vision of the hair you want, or you may need some assistance evaluating which style suits you best. In any case, we are here to help you discover and achieve your best look. By collaborating with us, you will benefit from personalized advice about beauty trends that will match your features, needs and personality. We have the products and techniques to make your dream hair a reality.

Haircut & Style

The key to a gorgeous haircut and style is ensuring the look you desire is compatible with the texture and density of your hair, as well as your face shape and personality.

In addition to recommending the proper care products for your luscious locks, we will give you some helpful hints on how to maintain your new style at home.

Hair Color

We love to help our clients shine.

Certified by the Board of Certified Hair Colorists, we have exclusive access to the best lineup of hair color available in today’s market. Prior to booking an appointment, we perform a personalized consultation to determine the right color and technique needed for your hair.

Whether you’re looking for a new all-over color, highlight, lowlights, or something a little different, we are here to help you find the perfect look for you.

Color Analysis

As an expert in color and beauty, Cindy French is color certified by Pantone Director Leatrice Eiseman. We work with your natural skin palette and hair color to determine your custom complimentary colors, ideally suited for everything from your hair to your makeup.

We are passionate about guiding you to a brighter, more beautiful world of color, where your most radiant self-awaits!

Hair Extensions

Want long, voluminous hair that will turn heads? We can make that happen.

At Cindy French, our hair extension specialists are committed to using the best quality hair for easy removal and maintenance. We offer a suite of methods: holistic, strand by strand and skin method. Finally, we color and texturize for a perfect blend that leaves you looking and feeling beautiful.

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Hair & Scalp Treatments

You can’t grow healthy plants without good soil and the same goes for the hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

We take care of your scalp, keeping it healthy and nourished. Our treatments begin with a consultation: we examine your hair and look at the condition of your scalp. From there, we customize the perfect treatment plan for you and your hair.

Retexturing Treatments

No formaldehyde here! We only perform acid-based smoothing treatments that produce excellent results. We also have a revolutionary perming system that has been specially designed without the typical hazardous chemicals.

Thinning Hair & Hair Loss

There are many different types of hair loss treatments and solutions ranging from simple dietary changes to holistic serums and devices. As practitioners of trichology – the science of the structure, function and diseases of human hair – we start with an in depth consultation and evaluation to determine the correct course of treatment catered to your specific needs.